scum like us church

January 29, 2013

so what’s up with a name like that, and why the feeling to start a new church in Boerne, tx.

i’ve been a pastor for 25 years, a prison chaplain, a psychologist, marriage counselor, addiction counselor, pentecostal, not pentecostal, reformed theologian, dispensational theologian. etc.

the one thing i’ve noticed, is people coming to church out of habit, and not fitting in, or fearful of God, not forgiven, not at peace, wondering why they are not happy, not feeling fulfilled and just sure something is wrong with them.

symptoms; can’t read parts of the bible because it seems to condemn them or make them feel guilty, sermons sear them and beat them up. they look at other people during the service and wonder why they seem to be enjoying the service, being blessed and they come away each sunday feeling like they were rejected, not fitting in, and not blessed.

the list could go on, but you get my point, the church feels toxic, unfulfilled, they are hurting and can’t tell anyone or they have tried and heard nothing but clichés, “you need more faith, confess secret sins, repent,, hang on, let go”

i want a new congregation, one that doesn’t feel blessed, that their not special, not God’s little gift, not heirs, not princes, or priests or spiritually deep, or have great spiritual gifts.

i want you, the downcast, the  beat up, the bitter the angry, hurt, back slider, sinful, carnal, chained to a habit, defeated, and almost quiting.

why, because i have experienced all that as a pastor, felt it, lived it and know there is an answer, when people ask me what religion i am i say “sinner in need of a Savior”.

so a cross between 12 steps and finding simple acceptance. take a chance, we have no building, no budget, no members, nothing, if this was a pyramid scheme or amway you will be in on the ground floor.

so reach out and email me at and lets start something

scum like us

January 28, 2013

a new church for a new beginning in Boerne, tx stay tuned