September 26, 2014

not ashamed

God is a plurality of oneness. God has “lived in community” from eternity as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God as Trinity is the core reality of the universe, and that means that the core of reality is community.

Yes, I believe in the literal words of the bible as being true and inerrant and inspired by God. I believe in the Holy Trinity, the three in one, the best descriptions I have ever heard was from a young missionary while I was living in Africa, during a children’s campaign in the village.

He explained the trinity in the simple analogy, you see the sun, and he pointed towards the sun, you see the light and know how different it is from darkness and you feel the warmth of the sun.

The Father (God) is the Sun, Jesus is the Light and the Holy Spirit is the warmth (love) from the Sun.

Pretty simple, but as we mentioned in the opening paragraph, God since eternity has fellowship in an eternal community. Father, Son, Holy Spirit, it would make sense therefore that His plan for us is found in the community of the saints.

It’s easy to cut the single strand of a rope, it’s much harder to cut through the entire rope.  We do better when we are not alone. Even if you are introverted by nature, God never intended us to live, love and exist in a vacuum. As much as people can drive you nuts they are also our sounding board and tether to reality.

You need to share your thoughts and feelings with other people to get feedback on the reality of what you think and speak. (social media doesn’t count).  We need to take comfort in the fellowship of others. Before I found the church I always had AA, before AA there was always a gang or the military or believe it or not scouts. Community brings sanity and reality.

Find a group, a church, some roots, establish a sense of belonging it’s healthy and it’s God’s plan for your life.

God bless from

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