the master plan

October 5, 2014

crown of thorns









 Christ died on the cross with a loud cry, which Mark interprets with the words of the twenty-second psalm: ‘My God, why hast thou forsaken me?’ This cry of abandonment is either the end of every theology and every religion, or it is the beginning of a truly Christian theology.




An aspect not often thought upon, abandonment by God, yet that is the very marrow of Christendom.

When the young man came up to Jesus and said he had kept all the commandments what more could he do to enter heaven, that answer was simple, leave, give away, abandon all that you have and follow Christ.




Francis of Assisi was born of a wealthy family and yet because of a romanticized idea of being a knight he fore went all the family fortune and became a knight. He wandered poor and penniless but always doing good deeds. One day while praying in church he heard the Lord speak to him and say “rebuild this church” which was poor and neglected.




I’ve often thought of that story and wondered why God didn’t ask him when he was wealthy and with money to spare, not when he was a pauper.  Certainly we all know the answer, we can try to accomplish great things for God out of our own resources (where the cost is little and the gain is nothing) or we can be totally dependent upon God and helpless with no resources and our faith and belief grows by leaps and bounds and we are humbled and God is magnified.




Our way or His way, which do you think turns out better.




The bible says we can do all things through Christ, that word “all” is inclusive of everything. I can be sober, upright, just, bountiful, forgiving, pardoned and pardoning, giving all and having much.

I doubt I will ever be called a saint but I can be a useful to God.



God bless from



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