take it or leave it

October 20, 2014

thinking over feeling

Ok, I visited three friends this week, one will only read the ‘red letter’ part of the bible, because “It’s what Jesus said” so I gave him a bible that has red letters in the Old testament where God spoke, I’m not sure he’s going to ever call me back.

Second friend, she calls herself a Christian Feminist, doesn’t like the Apostle Paul because he wrote wives should submit to their husbands, I asked her if she ever read the whole chapter because it says we are to submit to one another and husbands should be like Christ, (sacrificing everything if need be, humble, a servant) so how is that unequal. I’m not sure is calling me back right away.

Third friend I saw Sunday night, he got divorced 10 months ago and doesn’t think he should abstain from sex outside of marriage. Why? Just because he wants sex and will ignore that part of the bible.

George Barna’s research among evangelical Christians: 54 percent do not believe in absolute truth. What we have is a total shift in worldview that impacts how we think, evaluate, decide, and live in every area of our lives. Christians “feel” justified in divorcing a spouse because “it’s not working” for them. Believers now live dichotomous lives with no twinge of conscience when they arbitrarily choose to obey some Biblical commands and reject others.

Do what feels right to you. Choose the bits of the bible that only appeal to your lifestyle. In other words, you are the final authority, not God, and thus we are justified in accepting or rejecting whatever portion of God’s Word we deem as appropriate.

We can’t have it both ways, it’s either all the bible or none at all. Those that proclaim the God of the O.T. isn’t loving and fair or nice have no idea how God was pulling Israel out of the scum pit of civilization and making it a nation not polluted by debasing itself, you ask how, it took rules, absolute rules.

You can claim to be fair minded, open minded, tolerant, hey everybody do your own thing. I know how that works, it works until it threatens either your profit margin or your own lifestyle then off comes the gloves.

We tend to forget that God has the copyright on what is true. He has spoken clearly and compassionately about what is right and what is wrong for the protection and care of those He loves. And here’s the stinger, He doesn’t care if you like it or not. God’s not here to make you happy (contrary to what Joel Osteen has to say), He wants you to be holy and that can only happen if you follow the whole counsel (the bible) of God.

God bless from Scumlikeuschurch@gmail.com

For those of you that have been praying for Olivia, we find out tomorrow what the doctors have decided, please keep her in prayer.

Thank you to Paul and Steve for watching over the homestead and ranch while we were in California on business all of last week, the 16 hours days are over, thank goodness, I’m to old for that.

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