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October 21, 2014

full custody

If you trust God’s Word, you will have a solid foundation in a world that offers you no stability. The Word of God is settled; nothing can change it or destroy it (v. 152; Matt. 24:35). God is faithful and His Word can be trusted. The same Word that created the world (v. 90) and runs the world (v. 91) will also govern your life and make it secure.




PSALM 119:97–104

Those who love God’s Word and obey it develop a practical wisdom for guiding their lives. It is dangerous to learn from your enemies (v. 98), and both your teachers and your elderly friends may not know what you need to know (vv. 99–100). Learn all you can from every good source, but let God, not man, be your teacher (John 14:26; 16:13–15).




PSALM 119:105–12

In a dark world, God’s Word can be your light (v. 105) to keep you from the traps and detours of the enemy (v. 110). God gives you the light you need a step at a time. If you want more light, you must obey what He says; then more light will come (John 7:17). God sends the light into your heart (v. 130) and gives you the wisdom you need.




How simple yet oft overlooked, the 4th most often asked question; “how do I become a better Christian?”

That’s a trick question, you can’t, all the work has been done for you, and all you have to do is enjoy the benefits. (that’s a trick answer).




The more time we spend with God the more we will be like him. Prayer, reading our bible, meditating, singing hymns and psalms. These all increase the light within us. The Holy Spirit’s job is to help us become more in tune with God’s thoughts. Progress is measured in His thoughts becoming our thoughts.




A pleasant surprise is when you need an answer or guidance and the you have a scripture come to mind. Those are God’s thoughts, you know I’m not very sappy but the word of God is His love letter to us. Love Him love His word.




God bless from scumlikeuschurch@gmail.com




Prayer requests and comments to the above email address please.




No word on Olivia’s health problems yet.

Pray for Frank who has to leave his home soon and go into a nursing home

For Billie, as she goes to the doctor tomorrow to see if she has cancer.

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