Caution, brain gas

November 16, 2014

Exploding head

It’s been quite a while since I’ve just went on a rant, so in my mind I’m entitled to one.


First my defense; (bear with me please).


I work two jobs, am married for over 40 years, I have two earned Ph.D.’s, text books in use at nine different universities, a Bachelor’s of Science, a Master’s in Languages, an M.Div in theology. I’ve pastored a “Mega-Church”, pioneered 5 churches from scratch. I’ve attended some very prestigious places of learning and  graduated Manga Cum Laude.


Some of you may not be old enough to remember tent meetings, dinner on the grounds, brush arbor meetings, the sawdust trail, the mourner’s bench. I’ve been an evangelist, been personal friends and worked and preached with Oral Roberts, and Richard Roberts. Every old school Pentecostal Preacher I’ve been in their homes or on their TV shows.


I was an Ordained Pentecostal pastor for over 38 years, I’ve seen just about every religious experience that’s came down the pike. Snake handling, exorcisms, trances, demon possession.


We are just over 650 consecutive devotional posts. I write them late at night and don’t usually edit them all that closely. So all the emails from grammar students and linguists I get it.


I’ve never asked for money, offerings or endorsements; I’ve never tried to sell or promote anything or anyone living (I do endorse those dear saints that have stood the test of time).


I’m saying all that to say I do think I’m qualified to express an opinion on the modern charismatic, Pentecostal movement. STAY AWAY FROM IT. Your more likely to be taught something wrong instead of something right. If you got saved in a Pentecostal church, probably as you mature you will move onto a different kind of church. Don’t let a church rule your life, your mind or your wallet.


Whether it’s the slick salesmanship of Joel Osteen or the snake oil of Benny Hinn, the shepherd of the Ozarks, or for that matter any one on TBN, they are all dangerous. Because you are not special, it should be all about Jesus and the Holy Spirit has one ministry, to glorify Christ, there are no secrets, no hidden formulas, 99% of everything written about spiritual warfare is not scriptural, you don’t have to be Jewish to be a better Christian, nobody knows when the Rapture will happen or Armageddon.


Don’t subscribe to Charisma magazine, don’t believe worship is more important than the sermon. Don’t support missionaries that live in resort areas. You can’t buy pieces of the cross, the shroud or tears from the Virgin Mary.


Singing the same 7 words 11 times isn’t worship.

Christians can’t be demon possessed.

If your pastor spends more than 5 minutes taking an offering, find another church.

There are no miracle cures that can be bought for 19.95

Nobody is being raised from the dead.

And God doesn’t do ‘new’ things, He is bound by His own Word. So if it isn’t in the bible it’s a lie.


There I’m done.


I don’t do rebuttals, comments are not posted on the devotional page, I do answer emails.


I am not trying to be offensive, it’s my opinion, everyone has one.  Don’t worry tomorrow I will be semi normal.


You can pray for me.



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