not $19.95

November 18, 2014

the bible

So what’s next? After a slew of interesting emails wondering what was left to offer in the Christian experience I offer the following.


Yes, I have been highly critical of the Pentecostal/Charismatic movement.


Yes, I have seen a great amount of abuse in the hyper faith, prosperity, Osteen, Hinn cult.


So what is it that Christianity has to offer someone that has been inducted into the crazy cult of extremism, where experience outweighs the validity of the Word of God.


Wait for it…………..the Word.


65 pages have been written on the definition of love in the bible (one article)


25 volumes have been written on the character of God (one author)


6 volumes on one phrase “the unsearchable richness of Christ (one author)


2546 pages on the omnipresence of God (one book)


There are so many commentaries in German that only 1/8 have been translated into English.


Like the story in the gospel of Luke 24:13-35, the story of the walk on the road to Emmaus, after being in the presence of Jesus and not knowing it and then discovering they were walking and talking with the Risen Savior, they commented; “did not our hearts burn within us?”


That’s what’s on the table being offered, no hype, no 19.95 specials, no secrets, or discoveries, or whipping you up emotionally. Just a promise. Spend time in the Word of God, praying, quiet, and studying and you will find your heart changed as well.


And it’s free.  You can spend every waking moment in the presence of God and being blessed.


God bless from

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