oh, darn,

November 21, 2014

full custody

The Book of James chapter 4:11,12; deals with speaking evil against a brother. Someone has suggested that there are three questions we should answer before indulging in criticism of others—What good does it do your brother? What good does it do yourself? What glory for God is in it?


The Christian concept or law of love says that we should love our neighbor as ourselves. To speak evil against a brother, therefore, or to judge his motives, is the same as speaking against this law and condemning it as worthless. To break a law deliberately is to treat it with disrespect and contempt. It is the same as saying that the law is not good, and not worthy of obedience.

“He who refuses obedience virtually says it ought not to be law.” Now this puts the one who speaks evil of a brother in the strange position of being a judge rather than one who is to be judged. He sets himself up as being superior to the law rather than subject to it. But only God is superior to the law; He is the One who gave it and the One who judges by it. Who then has the audacity to usurp the place of God and judge another?


God bless from scumlikeuschurch@gmail.com





2 Responses to “oh, darn,”

  1. Mimi said

    I cannot see the motes for the beams. Amen to your article.


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