guilty indulgence

December 1, 2014

3 stooges

Guilty pleasures

So this is part confession, part self-help in developing good habits.


Today I have to confess that I spent the day reading comic books and Conan the Barbarian graphic comics.


I do recommend to young seminarians to read science fiction and fantasy and comic books if they are a bit stuffy and have no imagination in the pulpit. I often recommend to young preachers to buy an illustrated bible or comic bible to help them develop their imagery and to convey their stories.


I often get asked; “how do you manage to write every day.” It’s just a developed habit really, after writing so many text books and tests, where an editor is constantly breathing down your back, you either learn to write every day or just go mad.


It’s the same as learning to study, I try spend 5 and half hours a day in study. An hour in the morning, an hour at noon, an hour at 5pm and then 2-3 hours at night. Not all study is the same, sometimes it is devoted to personal devotion, whatever I feel or learn at that time cannot ever be written about, it is for my own to ponder and keep close at heart. Some is sermon preparation and some is just being a continuing scholar.


So did I spend over 5 hours reading comics today, yes I did. Even our own sun is going to eventually burn up and lose all its power. And spiritually it is impossible to be at your peak all the time, always set on spiritually high. It’s impossible, you will go mad if you believe you can or attempt to.


You’ve all heard the saying; “so spiritually minded they are no earthly good.”


Well it can happen sometimes.


Another great idea is the one where it is good to keep your spirituality to yourself sometime. No we are not denying Jesus or anything but honestly people that do nothing but go on and on about their newest revelation or spiritual journey just bore the crap out of everyone.


So let your hair down, have some fun, loosen up, don’t go overboard, you don’t want to come home and have to explain to your wife why you’re driving a new convertible with a blonde sitting next to you. Fun does have boundaries.


Go Conan, (favorite comic, Superman or maybe Spiderman, or Fantastic Four, no the Flash, maybe Batman, no wait, Dr. Strange……….


Prayer requests at


I saw Olivia today and she is very grateful for all the prayers, the doctors are giving her a couple of weeks off and then more surgery.


And a P.S. to Kate B. we miss hearing from you.


Peter B (not related, thank you for your most generous offer of transportation)

God bless.


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