tough love is really true love being shown

December 10, 2014

one cent

ok here’s my two cents,

You may see this as pure meddling, but after 30 plus years of being a professional counselor let me give you my two cents on kids.


If you have a child living in your home, you are not friends, you are the parent, act like one, the greatest wish of the day shouldn’t be you hope your kids think you are cool.


Single parents find an opposite sex member to be a role model for your kid. Boys need to learn how to hunt and skin a deer (so should girls) and girls need to learn to act like ladies.


Don’t let your little girl dress like a hooker.


Mom don’t dress like a hooker.


Tell your kid if they come home with something pierced that member is disposable.


Search their rooms, moderate access to phones, INTERNET, don’t be bullied, blackmailed, or beaten by your kids.


Eat dinner every night at the dining room table, no phones are allowed, no television and whatever is cooked is eaten, this isn’t a restaurant.


Stop letting your kids be so busy that they have no time for God or themselves, I see to many kids that are exhausted.  You were never put on this earth to be a chauffeur.


Go to school once a week and sit in on their classes (regardless of what their ages). I’ve had more kids come up to me after class asking if I would adopt them.


If your kids are being bullied, teach them to kick the crap out of the bullies.


Chores around the home is not punishment.


Talk back to your mother and you will get your mouth washed out with soap.


Learn how to appropriately spank your kids, the bible says you will only raise a fool if they are not disciplined. Your kids should be a little bit scared of you, how else will they learn to fear the Lord and respect the laws of this land.


Go to the homes of their friends (unannounced and see what’s going on) and your kids can’t spend the night of someone living in open adultery and or fornication.


Here are the latest “codes” for teen texting, yes you should check on your kids. You will be judged as a parent, both by God and even possibly by the law, don’t be clueless.

  1. IWSN – I want sex now

  1. GNOC – Get naked on camera

  1. NIFOC – Naked in front of computer

  1. PIR – Parent in room

5 CU46 – See you for sex

  1. 53X – Sex

  1. 9 – Parent watching

  1. 99 – Parent gone

  1. 1174′ – Party meeting place

  1. THOT – That hoe over there

  1. CID – Acid (the drug)

  1. Broken – Hungover from alcohol

  1. 420 – Marijuana

  1. POS – Parent over shoulder

  1. SUGARPIC – Suggestive or erotic photo

  1. KOTL – Kiss on the lips

  1. (L)MIRL – Let’s meet in real life

  1. PRON – Porn

  1. TDTM – Talk dirty to me

  1. 8 – Oral sex

  1. CD9 – Parents around/Code 9

  1. IPN – I’m posting naked

  1. LH6 – Let’s have sex

  1. WTTP – Want to trade pictures?

  1. DOC – Drug of choice

  1. TWD – Texting while driving

  1. GYPO – Get your pants off

  1. KPC- Keeping parents clueless

God bless from

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