Sweet Science

December 11, 2014


When Christians are obviously exhibiting the same behaviors the world is promoting, the invitation to join us at church or to consider believing in Jesus falls on deaf ears. When our lives are not noticeably different before the watching world, we have little to say even if they decide to pay attention. And why should they? They look at Christians and say, “You’re no different than me.”


So the question today is “are you different?”


Look at your life, are you living any different than the world. It amazes me how kids come in for counseling and say why should they go to church, their dad watches porn late at night, their parents smoke pot, and when the fight they cuss like sailors. So what’s the difference?


We need to teach in the church today reasonable expectations, ordinary lives, filled with great humbleness and devotion to God. And yes, lots of failures, the bible is a book about failure. Why would the church expect its members to be anything else?


But look how we dress up for church, we play at being good. It always cracked me up to see people smoking outside in their cars and then splash on aftershave and stick two packs of gum in their mouth and believe they had everyone fooled.


We do the same to God, that’s why we wait to be out of town, or around the corner, or after dark. “God can’t see me.” Really?


I’ve always been a fan of boxing, boxed as a kid and in the military. You know why I like boxing over any other sport? It’s all about one person, he can decide to be falling down or standing up, and no other sport is more about will power. The desire to win usually beats skill.

The same with our Christian walk, it is 100% about will power, will we decide to be different, odd, talked about, morally upright, or will we take a fall.


It is truly up to you, there are no excuses, not for drinking, drugs, sex, and nobody can make you do it. You can’t blame anyone and expect to be sober, not using, or sexually active outside of marriage. I still hear young girls say they got pregnant by accident, really the laws of biology don’t apply to you. The Immaculate Conception apparently happens every day, 200 times a day, around the world.


It’s a freaking miracle.


God bless and keep your knees together, still the best form of birth control there is.


Pray for Olivia, this Friday is her second round of surgery and its going to be pretty bad.


Questions, comments, prayer requests send to scumlikeuschurch@gmail.com

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