December 12, 2014


So today I’m throwing the whole kitchen sink at you. This is everything I wrote down today, and instead of using each one as a starter for devotions, I’m just going to toss them all out and see what sticks.

So here is a potpourri  of things to think of.

It’s easier to sin than to be virtuous.

Our prayers should be filled with gladness, depth and delight, doctrine and devotion, precepts and passion, truth and love.

Instead of wwjd, (what would Jesus do) it should be wisjd (what is Jesus doing)

God’s promises claim us more than we claim them




The fire place prayer- as we kneel by the hearth we feel the power of the fire

The warmth, and heat

Our hearts are warmed by the gospel truth

The heat, the light, the consuming fire

The sacred three

To save, to shield, and surround

Our house, our home, our hearts

The day, the night, forever

May the fire of God burn in us.





1 Samuel 1:1-10 there is no one holy like the Lord, , if only the reality of that verse would stay in our minds and hearts as we strive to be ordinary saints.

I am being severely convicted of pride, and ungratefulness.

To much pleasure destroys pleasure

Thin monks may be pious, but fat monks are humble

Sex is ecstatic as long as it is restricted

 There is in sex a fury that must not be inflamed

The moment sex ceases to be a servant it becomes a tyrant

Sloth is the neglect of duty, other than pride it is the most deadly sin

 So there you have it, that’s my thought processes for the day.


Continue to remember Olivia in prayer

Stan who is starting his first day out of the half way house

Walter who is single for the first time in 41 years,

Sally Ann who is 41 (no relation to Walter) and just found out she is pregnant and thought she would never be.

And for Gwen and her arthritis

God bless from scumlikeuschurch@gmail.com

Please send your questions, comments and prayer requests to the above address.

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