ordinary is ok

December 24, 2014

christ on cross

I go to a church full of older people who live pretty normal, middle-class lives in nice, middle-class houses. But I have really come to appreciate this community, to see their lifetimes of sturdy faithfulness to Jesus, their commitment to prayer, and the tangible, beautiful generosity that they show those around them in unnoticed, unimpressive, unmarketable, unrevolutionary ways. And each week, we average sinners and boring saints gather around ordinary bread and wine and Christ himself is there with us.



Slow and steady does win the race, yes I have my excitement, three times this month I was divinely protected from physical attack, one this very day. I like to tell you it was my ninja like skills or my menacing manner. But it was neither, I chose not to engage or escalate.


Look at all the Christmas Cards, they used to say “peace on Earth” or “joy to the world.”


What ever happened to the idea of peace and joy? Why is just driving to work fraught with violence? How can you be two blocks from your house and almost assaulted? Or take those that have not escaped, the raped, the victims of violence or even martyrdom.

Our message of hope must not be lost in the midst of all the images and stories of rage, prejudice, and violence.


Christ is still the reason for the season, our anchor, our rock, our strong tower. Not matter what has happened to us this year, this month or day, we are to praise Him and tell others of His excellence.

We pray for peace yet know that violence can be a part of our everyday life. To some just having an ordinary day or rest or peace would not be boring but a blessing.

Father we pray for peace, and rest and simple devotion to you.


God bless from scumlikeuschurch@gmail.com

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