God bless the different

December 30, 2014


Ok. Don’t hate me for this devotion, it might be disturbing but true.


Kooky girls, strange women, oddballs, high strung, hyper-spiritual, and maybe a little slow (don’t shoot me, keep reading).


We all know women in church that fit this bill. People talk about them behind their backs, rude comments are made about how we hope they don’t breed because the children might be like them. After church on Sunday you tell the kids not to look them in the eye because you don’t want them coming over and inviting themselves to your home or out to eat because they are uncomfortable to be with.


Admit it you either know someone like this or you’ve heard church people talk like that (shame on them).

Well as a pastor of many years let me tell you about these special people whether they are men or women. They volunteer for everything you ask, they will tithe and give when it stretches them really tight. They stay at the altar praying longer than anyone else. They are more empathetic and have more sympathy than any one you’ll ever meet.


For better or worse they take in stray dogs, cats and people. Huge hearts, they get conned, lied to and taken advantage of.


Jesus said we will face severe consequences for screwing around with kids; and these adult children are special in the eyes of God and should be loved, admired and respected in the church. Shame on us for rating them in the hierarchy of the family of God. No wonder people get hurt by the church (the fake church not the real church).


If you’ve ever done that please repent, it’s a sermon that’s never preached.


God bless


Send your prayer requests to scumlikeuschurch@gmail.com


Pray for Kim who is facing surgery this week and Steve L. for his upcoming heart surgery.

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