happy new year

January 1, 2015

the bible

As our thinking is transformed by the principles of God’s Word, the Holy Spirit begins to produce a character transformation from the inside out. Unfortunately, many Christians have either tried some counterfeit gimmick to spirituality or have never really tried biblical Christianity, and they have subsequently given up in failure.


In our Kleenex tissue disposable society, where we have thrown out traditional values and embraced “Shadow Faith” (looks spiritual but is a pale imitation) it seems we look more like idolatrous Israel than the redeemed church. Here’s a good bible search for you, “I will pull your skirt over your head and show your nakedness”. Like the story of the naked emperor we wax mighty in words and are shallow in might.


It’s New Year’s Eve, time to refocus, recommit and reform our walk with the Lord. I hope we would choose to place the Lord as the most prominent purpose in our lives. If I could bestow one gift upon all our readers it would be the gift of discernment. To see all the frauds and charlatans that preach for their own benefit or worse the wolves that seek to purposely lead astray.


My second wish is that growing believers would realize that the carnal flesh will never give up, we will continue to sin and fail God, our families and loved ones, but the answer is confession, communion and continuing to trust God to complete his work in us. The power of sin and its dominion has been broken in our lives but the struggle continues, but we must not grow lazy or self-indulgent in our commitment to excellence. That walking in the Spirit of God is the most important element of our daily existence.


Thank you for all the prayers, support and encouragement for scumlikeuschurch. We hope in 2015 we excel in devotional material, and that we encourage and challenge.


God bless.



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