Rock Steady

January 2, 2015

thinking over feeling

It sometimes sounds simplistic and programmed, you’ve heard it before; “follow these steps and techniques and you will attain a victorious Christian life.” The focus was on what we do alone more than on what God does for us and to us and through us together.


Beware of any book, teacher, preacher that says they have ‘cracked the code’ or God revealed a secret to them. Going to church shouldn’t be like watching the world federation of wrestling, you know it’s fake but it’s still fun to watch. Our church life and walk with the Lord may not always be exciting but it should be genuine.


We should never feel like we have to embellish what is happening in our lives. I don’t need spiritual hurricanes or the heavens open and angels descending to be content in my walk with God.


Slow and steady does win the race; the best life is the examined life. Read books that promise to prick your conscience, not promise a new blessing. Stay away from any church, preacher or teacher that the main emphasis is on your blessing. Remember that the ministry of the Holy Spirit is about revealing Christ not your hidden gifts.


If I could mention one theological idea to study it would be on the deity of Christ. Any preacher or teacher that blurs the identity of Christ is to be avoided at all cost. It is not possible to list all the heretics and false preachers that are out there. But watch out for those that want to rule your life.


God is love and peace and blessing but he is also law and order, so there has to be a balance, a healthy balance. I can’t find the word ‘rollercoaster’ anywhere in the bible, that should say something about your Christian life. The “more” that you may want to experience is found in the ordinary not the extraordinary. That may sound really boring to you, but being shot at everyday can get boring, you actually get reckless. God is not reckless regardless of what some best-selling authors may say.


The most exciting moment of everyday should be that of knowing you have a pure heart and pure motives, wanting to truly serve God.


God bless from

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