shhh, I’m thinking

January 4, 2015


Just like mood swings, we are going from a really long devotional post (yesterday) to a short one that I hope is thought provoking.



What kind of Christian lifestyle/mentality/experience/position; do you think you are in if this is your life?


“I occasionally throw stones at stained glass windows to see if they will ever break.”


And what do you do when Saturday night meets Sunday morning?


If you don’t pursue God will he pursue you?


And finally, Go Get God!

There are no correct answers, just hoping to give you an “ah hah” moment.


God bless from


Pray for Jonathan, 47, who was told yesterday he has Leukemia and the clock is ticking out, for his wife who will lose a husband, and has just lost her 3 best friends to cancer. She isn’t coping very well right now.

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