January 6, 2015

jesus is my savior

Much reading of many books may be like the gathering of wood, but the fire blazes forth from a sentence. The mark is left on the mind not by the kindling of many pages, but by the red-hot iron of a sentence set on fire by God.


We think we will be judged by our intentions, we will really be judged (by men) on our worst moment.


You will never know the power of love completely until you first surrender to it.


Jesus loves me this I know, for the bible tells me so.


Leaning on the everlasting arms.


I was blind but now I see.


One word, one line, one verse, one moment, one phrase can live in you forever. Some of the devotions we post are rather long, some short, most in the middle. The most I can hope for is that some spark, an idea will catch your mind’s eye and that hope will be rekindled, forgiveness spoken, love renewed, just one spark to set your heart ablaze.


It only takes a moment with God, give him that moment, be that moment.


God bless from

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