sustainable growth

January 7, 2015

growth marks

We need to recover not only sound doctrine, but sounder practices that serve to deepen us — and succeeding generations — in the new creation that God has called into being. We need to question not only false teaching, but false values, expectations, and habits that we have absorbed, taken for granted, and even adopted with a veneer of piety.


If your personal relationship with Jesus is utterly unique, then it is not properly Christian. Thus the reason you need to actually go to church. Why? Because it will force you to be measured, given a sounding board, stabilize you, and you will have to risk not only be encouraged but be rebuked as well. Going to church is the community of like-minded (sometimes) souls. You are not always going to get along with everybody, but a mark of maturity is not leaving but growing.


The bible says “iron sharpens iron” we need people to rub us the wrong way, it show us our faults, reminds us to practice humility and allows God to show us we have not reached perfection. Very few things are harder than having to love one of the brethren that just gets under your skin.


My goal is to encourage an orientation and habits that foster deeper growth in grace, more effective outreach, and a more sustainable vision of loving service to others over a lifetime. We have to love others in order to be better equipped to love God. Examine your relationships and you will see if you are truly a person God can use or look at your relationships and see if you are a person God needs to fix.


Take heart, along as there is breathe in your lungs God is still at work in your life.


God bless from


Pray for Don and his upcoming mission trip to Nepal

Pray for Danny that is trying to get back to normal




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