skin zombies

January 10, 2015


If you are a Christian, the issue is not who presents the temptation (Satan, demons, your sin nature, or your best friend) but whether you are going to trust God and obey Him or yield to the temptation. Christians who misplace their orientation on this matter are led astray from fighting the real enemy that Scripture says attacks in this area of warfare—their very own sin nature.


The flesh, like a spy or traitor, seeks its advantage through deception and secrecy. It seeks to avoid detection until its job of soul destruction is complete. It never surrenders, abdicates, or diminishes its power in this life. The confident promise of the Scriptures is that the sin nature’s activity can be brought to light and at least partially neutralized by the ministry of God the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.


There are two sources of energy for us puny humans, the power of God or the power of sin. Most folks never tap into the power of God, but easily avail themselves of sin’s power. Like the energizer bunny you can keep going and going, but you never realize the cost until to late.


‘Sin Energy’ is addicting, subtle and costly, yet we all to easily give into to it. We will sell all we have to possess it never realizing the true cost. God wants to give unlimited power without a penalty, but forbidden fruit is always more attractive, just ask Eve. The crazy part is we have a choice, free will, but the siren song of fleshly appetites is so appealing and once you start it’s hard to stop. “walking in the flesh” is addictive, so are you a skin zombie?


Enjoying the decaying power of a moment, the instant reward, the pre-ejaculative moment of pleasure now. (I know I made the word up). How much time Christian do you spend in satisfying the human, and how much time do you spend edifying the spirit? It’s a simple question, every moment not conscious of God is sin. So I guess that answers the question. Thank God, literally we are forgiven and he is patient with his wayward children.


God bless from

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