mary, mary quite contrary

January 13, 2015

thinking over feeling

Suppose that we took a dented-up, poorly running 1957 Chevy to an auto mechanic for renovation. Our lives when we come to Christ may be compared to that Chevy. For years, we have been living in the flesh, and our lives reflect that fact. When we are saved, we do not automatically get a new set of ideas and a new set of circumstances.

We have been regenerated, but now we must be transformed. Regeneration is the work of God in us that gives us a new nature and makes us willing to be transformed. Just as the auto mechanic renovates the car, the Holy Spirit transforms the wreck of our lives into something glorious for God.



If we took that old Chevy to a mechanic, no matter how talented and no matter how experienced he was and expected him to renovate the car with only a screwdriver and a hammer, he would laugh us out of the garage. The mechanic personally has the ability to perform the task, but he is limited by the tools we allow him to use. The same is true of the Holy Spirit. The tools that He uses to transform our lives are found in the Word of God.



The more tools we let Him use, the more equipped He is to perform the task. This is why we are commanded to renew our minds (Rom. 12:2) and to let the Word of Christ dwell richly within us (Col. 3:16). The failure of many Christians to allow the Holy Spirit to use all of the necessary tools is one of the major reasons why these same people often think that Christianity and the solutions of the Bible do not work. They then turn to a new experience that is supposed to enable them to deal with their problems, or they start to think that the Bible needs help from another source, such as psychology, to really help them with their problems.



It never ceases to amaze me how quickly people will jump ship and try any new fad that comes down the road. A book is endorsed or a movie and everyone says it’s great, some new teaching or experience is touted and bam, we have to try it. But I can guarantee you there is one formula used today, it has to be instant. Nobody waits for anything, especially spiritual maturity, which is both ironic and sad.

The only person created as an adult was Adam, the bible says we are first babes in Christ. Experience in spiritual concerns will be equal with our growth.

God wants us to grow, mature, practice and learn to wait on him, not real popular sermon topics for today’s church, where worship is more important than the sermon. (ok I have to quit right there I’ve already done that rant.)



Maybe our new announcement should be “grow with God” instead of saying God bless or peace or just about anything else, next time you meet a brother or sister in the Lord ask them what are they doing to grow In God, I’m sure you’ll get a perplexed look on their face.


God bless from








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