the fractured soul

January 15, 2015


There are no shortcuts to excellence in any area of life, and it is commitment to staying on track that makes the difference. The extraordinary life is an ordinary life.

Being the husband that stays faithful, working as much as is necessary to make ends meet. The wife and mother who is a slave to the routine and doesn’t check out of her role in life. The student that knows the cost of education and good grades and isn’t at college to party. Or the Christian that knows what it means to tame the inner man to stay the course and not lose it all to a reckless moment.



My phone just rang, it’s late at night and now I have to go drive 70 miles to meet a parishioner that just made a bad choice and has wrecked his life. It’s raining, fog and all back roads. Calls like this at night strike a note in your soul, how bad is it, will the police be there, is it going to turn violent, just how bad is it. Like every pastor you answer the phone, you get in the car. Being the shepherd means going after that one out of ninety-nine that has wandered off.



Make the right choices, make good choices, sometimes the price is way to high for a moment of indiscretion.

The Bible identifies more than adequately the wrongness in our lives as sin and our nature recognizes it as such that there is something essentially good gone wrong. More precisely, it is something God has made that we have corrupted. Augustine defined the essence of sin as being curved in on ourselves.



We are warped, flawed, wanting, and fractured on the inside. Getting back to God is sometimes a long walk.  Don’t be afraid of turning around and trying to get back to where God wants you.  Turn on a light and you’ll see it’s not so dark, call someone, it doesn’t have to be done all alone.


I won’t be answering any emails tonight, stay in prayer, love the Lord, and practice doing good.


God bless from

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