yes I do

January 29, 2015


Those whose relationships honor God’s design receive the benefits God built into that design. Christian men find themselves driven to communicate if they love their wives. There’s more vulnerability and trust found in a committed relationship under God’s covenant design.

It’s not just about two people; Christ is the center of a Christian marriage. It’s also true that contrary to popular opinion, sex is far more than technique. Satisfying sex is built and thrives in a safe and loving environment of vulnerability, trust, and serving one’s partner rather than focusing primarily on what one can “get.” The principle of “give and it will be given unto you” really works! As a husband cares and loves his wife she feels nurtured and, as one author says, she opens up like a flower.



Here are some basic tips in making stronger marriages.

  1. Be protective of your marriage. Avoid risky situations such as long lunches with a co-worker or drinks for two after work. Most people do not plan to be unfaithful.

  2. Be positive. Look for what is right in your spouse and tell him or her daily. People who have love affairs are often looking for appreciation and affirmation.

  3. Be polite. Always talk to your spouse with respect. Be careful what you say to each other and how you say it. Show courtesy and caring in the way you treat one another.

  4. Be playful, and make fun, sex, and humor a mainstay in your marriage. Schedule time to play with one another, and have a ‘date night? at least once a week.

Show your love, my wife loves public affection, she always comments how she is happy that we kiss in public, we hold hands, I open or hold the door for her, while dining we always sit next to each other.


While I was sick for about a week we couldn’t kiss or even hold hands, it drove her nuts, today we resumed our kissing, she said she figured we kiss an average of at least 20 times per day and a least 10 hugs a day. I was told in no uncertain terms I have 100 kisses to make up and 50 hugs. I’ve also run out of chapstick.


Want to make your children better students, let them know their parents have a strong marriage, the security that adds to their lives makes them more secure and stable.


I’ve been married over 41 years, and it is still getting sweeter.


God bless our families, our marriages, a stable home is the background for a stable country.

God bless from

2 Responses to “yes I do”

  1. Mon Ange said

    Wow! congrats to you both!

  2. I am so blessed, any woman that can put up with my level of stuff is a saint

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