the desert seeker

February 2, 2015

“Many a young Christian, who has not been forewarned of this necessary voyage of discovery upon which the Holy Spirit will certainly embark him; where there are days you doubt your sanity, salvation and spirituality (Romans Seven), you have been plunged into almost incurable despair at the sight of the sinfulness which is still apparent in your nature.

(the Christian) He has in the first place rejoiced greatly in the forgiveness of his sins, and his acceptance by God; but sooner or later he begins to realize that all is not well, and that he has failed and fallen from the high standard which he set himself to reach in the first flush of his conversion.

“Little does he know how healthy his condition is, and that this shattering discovery is but the prelude to a magnificent series of further discoveries of things which God has expressly designed for his eternal enrichment. All through life God has to show us our own utter sinfulness and need, in order to more fully lead us on into realms of grace.”

“But the Lord is faithful, who shall stablish you, and keep you from evil” (2 Thess. 3:3).

it is this very roller-coaster of up and then down, spiritual and then not spiritual that we do not teach young believers. that they begin to doubt there salvation, God help them if they were saved into an Armenian Theology (typical pentecostal experience) where the idea is expressed to them over and over that they just need to get “re-saved” or born again, again. Talk about purgatory, people scoff at theology and doctrine, “oh they exclaim it is boring or not necessary, we just read our bibles.”

And alas they go off to wander barren existences with no fruit no joy, no wonder they are so quickly plucked and dropped into some new seeking for an experience that gives them what they had that moment when they first believed.

It is here that they are right for the picking either by Satan himself or maybe worse the spiritual guru of faith that claims they have the key to happiness, prosperity and a new joy. but it is a cult of deception, where the claims are not biblical, nor sound theology. but how can the new believer know,, they are but babes in Christ,, with no foundation, no meat is on the bone, they are adrift.

one promise must be held true, “He will Keep you” you must cling to this like a sailor cast adrift by a shipwreck, indeed your faith can be shipwrecked and there are sharks in the water that seek to devour. if a book is popular its probably wrong, if the author is raking in millions he’s a phony, if his teeth glow in the dark and it’s a $1000 hair cut, run.

read the classics, get alone with your bible, pray, seek and ask God for a John the Baptist, a voice crying in the wilderness, “here is the Lord”. seek to know who Christ is, study him, feast at his table and be fed a holy manna that can only be provided by him.

God bless you in your journey.

2 Responses to “the desert seeker”

  1. Heather said

    Much of what you’ve written perfectly mirrors my own conversion/ growth experience. One difference is that my theology would not be recognized as arminian. But several years ago, I still landed in a swamp of discouragement over the temptation to check my pile of spiritual “fruit” in order to assure myself that I’d actually been chosen.

    While I know this is necessary evidence of conversion, I never would suggest that anyone use this measure as the sole proof, because some days all you can see is the stupid stuff you’ve said it done. It obscured Christ from my vision and I wanted to hide from Him rather than run to Him for cleansing and restoration. And I wallowed a long time in my own mess before He finally got through my thick skull that I’d been worshiping me and my own imagined sense of importance.

    Your point about theology is spot on. Bad theology can be deadly.

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