bumps in the road

February 8, 2015

praying mom

A very good friend of mine is going through the last stages of life, even though she is struggling to hang on to till the end she is also ready to go home to Jesus. I’ve known her 28 years. She was at my first church here in Texas, she is blind, 5’0 tall and totally devoted to God and a true prayer warrior.


Every Sunday she would literally grab my shirt, stand on my toes and whisper in my ear after every sermon; “that wasn’t half bad as sermons go.”


She would call me some days five or six times a day just to tell me she was praying for me and to be careful, she prayed “extra” the days I would do prison ministry or visit the “rough” parts of town to do street evangelism.



Her husband used to hit her, when I found out I went to their house and when he came out the door I punched him in the nose, he said; “what the hell” and I said; “she doesn’t see it coming she’s blind, you’ll never see me coming and I will beat  you every day I hear you’ve hit her.” He never hit her again. And at their 50th wedding anniversary he told that story and apologized again to her and said that only a pastor like me hit his parishioners.



Her oldest daughter married a sexual predator, we took him for a long car ride out in the middle of the Texas desert, when we got back to his home he packed his bags left town and signed the divorce papers with no fuss. She always asked me what I said to him and I always told her I could never tell her as it was pretty awful stuff, she’s just stood on my shoes and grabbed my shirt and kissed me on the cheek.


One day her youngest son got arrested for sexual assault, another long car ride and when we got back he turned himself into the police, again I couldn’t tell her what I said only that I convinced him to do the right thing.


Her middle son was accused of dealing drugs on the army base, being a friend of the base commander I went and talked to the young soldier, I told the general that he was innocent, he knew me well enough to know people don’t lie to me when we are in a room alone.


As we visited today she held my hand and said thank you for saving her marriage and her three kids. All are fine and have great lives serving God. I always told her we all have bumps in the road. Her last words to me were “I can’t wait till we all get to heaven and I get to see how long your beard really is.”


So Virginia we will meet on the other side, and my beard will definitely be longer.


God bless from scumlikeuschurch@gmail.com

2 Responses to “bumps in the road”

  1. Heather said

    Saying goodbye can be hard, even when you know it’s temporary. I’m glad Christ has given us hope for family reunion.
    Praying the Lord will comfort those who have been left to carry on without her.

    • thank you Heather, that’s the really hard part of being part of the same Body of Christ for almost 30 years, the young are old and the old are dead. but we have the promise of a great family reunion.
      God Bless

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