February 9, 2015


It is all too easy to assert our own list of orthodoxies and rules as “something more” than what God has revealed in his Word. It is easier to alienate than to teach with humility and love. We too quickly write people off, in contrast to the Good Shepherd, who does not break off a bruised reed or quench a faintly burning candle.



People who need people, not my favorite song but a great truth. How many times have you heard someone say; “if it weren’t  for the people we’d have a great organization?”



One of my part time jobs is that of a weapons instructor and also helping federal agents that have been involved in a shooting to be able to shoot again without hesitation or considering the paperwork (which is deemed as a punitive action) or hesitation from the psychological damage of watching someone bleed out.  Part of that training involves Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC). Subset two of the basic plan is rule two; (I know techno speak, I hate it but it’s the Feds) “we expect the wounded officer/agent though wounded to return fire and still engage as a combatant.”



At strange as the above paragraph may sound, it means this, though wounded you are not to give up or give in.

We as pastors and counselors should be instructing and caring for our parishioners in the same manner, though wounded in or by the church you should soldier on. Press on, carry on, no church hopping, no taking a church out for a spin to see how it feels. Commitment to carry on the mission though wounded by words, slights, misdeeds, purposeful cruelty (yes within the church).

The church is your spiritual home and staying through both good times and bad will make you and the church a stronger place.



That means willing to forgive, to heal, to be responsible for treating yourself, being proactive in bringing healing to yourself without leaving that church.



Tough, difficult, boohoo, pity parties, “oh they hurt my feelings” really grow a set, take of the panties you Nancy, you have as much right to call that church your home as well as the offending party. So dig down deep and soldier on, never surrender, don’t give up and STAY.



98% of churches built today in America is from church hopping, not evangelism.  We are quick to leave, loath to stay. As a pastor that has been in more stupid church battles over carpet, linoleum, the choir, parking, etc. even in a mega church I would work a secular job, so I couldn’t be starved out of the church during a battle royal.


The end results were always a stronger church, a more united church. So this isn’t just a message for pastors, it’s for the folks in the pew, stay and watch the Lord work.



God bless from

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