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February 28, 2015


Yesterday’s devotion’s that I posted left me feeling a little incomplete. Like there should have been a bit more, I knew it was part of something a little bigger and I am working on a part II, but let me post an addendum to yesterday’s devotion.



I have literally seen pastors go to jail for beating a man with a bible, saying that he was demon possessed and the “holy spirit” told them to physically apply the word of God to him, he landed in the hospital with a concussion and some nasty bruising. Turns out during the trial the man was schizophrenic and had been off his medication. Two pastors went to jail.



Another pastor had a woman disrobe so he could “see” if the mark of satan” was on her, he’s in jail.



How about pastors holding a man’s head under water in the baptismal tank, they are in jail, (holy ghost water boarding?).



Look at this month’s CBD catalog, (Christian Books Distributers) I’ve read every book listed in there on spiritual warfare and demonology, not one them is completely biblically accurate. Remember it’s a business and they have to sell books, and authors have to sell books, new and sensational sells better than biblically accurate and true. Having published over 40 different books myself (all text books for colleges and universities, editors put a lot of pressure on writers).



The best book on spiritual warfare is the bible itself, but the passages on the subject need to be taken in context of the greater portion of the passage and not isolated.

We have personally witnessed a “deliverance” service conducted by a well-known evangelist. Many bizarre things happened at the service. Many of the demons had names, such as the demon of lust, gluttony, worry, gossip, and criticism. One demon was even named after a particular food. (again not biblical).



The point of yesterday’s devotion was to show the power that Christ has, and the mandate He had in His walk upon earth to show that He had the power to combat demons. It was a historic illustration of His power on earth as the Son of God and not necessarily a prescription that we are to follow without understanding the true nature of what was being done.

Which brings us to the idea of “binding” and “loosing” in the context of scripture.



Because the words are used in the perfect tense in Greek the idea is what is bound in heaven is bound on earth, what is loosed in heaven is loose on earth. This carries the idea that in knowing the will of God we can only do what has already been done in heaven by God himself. This silly nonsense today of teaching us to bind anything and everything from houses, to mission trips, to neighborhoods is not scripturally accurate. What is bound is already bound by God, what is loosed is already loosed by God. The modern books on this subject are nothing more than tantamount to turning the deliverance movement and it’s accomplices into spiritually bullies and folks uttering complete unscriptural nonsense.




It’s not enough for these folks to have all the riches and blessings of Jesus, they have to put on a show that they have more faith and more blessings than the ordinary Christian. What unmitigated spiritual bullcrap.







The riches and fullness and blessings of God are found in us understanding the wealth of the greatest sacrifice made in history, our sinfulness and His great forgiveness. Bask in that, feast on that, dwell on that. The power given unto us is to be found in being thankful and humble. Most deliverance folks are anything but that, strutting peacocks, trying to convince the Christian masses that they are not living up to power they were intended to have, (sounds like we are back in the Garden of Eden).







In fact, the contemporary idea of binding and loosing has more in common with the methods related to the casting and removal of spells found in the occult than with anything related to biblical Christianity. Therefore, we as believers must be extremely careful when we adopt practices that are not mandated by the Scriptures.




The next time you see a book on spiritual warfare, or bind and loosing or controlling demons, you are more likely to be buying a book of occult practices and not a scriptural narrative that God gave us in the bible.



I can hear the argument already, “but Jesus said unless you bind the strongman….” Blah blah blah. Again taken out of context.




 The misinterpretation of this passage in Matthew form the primary basis for the popular “binding” teaching and practice. First, we will consider Matthew 12:29, in which Jesus said, “How can anyone enter the strong man’s house and carry off his property unless he first binds the strong man?” Christ made this statement as an illustration in His refutation of the Pharisees’ assertion that Jesus “casts out demons only by Beelzebul the ruler of the demons” (12:24). The Pharisees refused to admit, as many of the people were beginning to suggest, that Jesus was truly the Son of David (12:23), the promised Messiah of God. Therefore, they attributed His power to an alliance with Beelzebul, their only other supernatural alternative in the universe. Christ’s response affirmed His sovereignty over Satan. The illustration pointed out that one would have to control the strong man before his house could be robbed. The logic of Christ’s argument is that Christ was not in league with Satan but was casting out demons by the virtue of His inherent divine power.


Ok, that’s part II


God bless from

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