the gift

March 1, 2015

the sky is the limit



Charis is a Greek word meaning “grace”. Charismata is Greek for “gifts of grace.” A gift is a Spirit-given ability for Christian service.  The Holy Spirit is both gift and giver. The word Charismatic describes those Christians who believe in the manifestation of the gifts (charismata) of the Holy Spirit.


The gifts of the Spirit are supernatural endowments for service and are given according to the nature of the ministry that is to be fulfilled.  The purpose of all the gifts is the same: to edify the body. We should first seek Jesus, the Giver of the Spirit. The disciples waited for the promise of the Father, the Holy Spirit – not for gifts (Acts 1). Thus we are to set our own hearts on him, for he gives the gifts as he chooses.


Paul encouraged his readers to abound in the things of the Lord. “Give him first place in your life and live as he wants you to” (Matt. 6:33).  Then the appropriate gifts will automatically be given, as they are needed for ministry.

There is a tendency to regard gifts as measures of spirituality.  The Bible says we are known by our fruits, not our gifts (Gal. 5:22,23).  Fruit (virtues or qualities of the Spirit) is available to all Christians; gifts are given differently to individual Christians for the good of all.

Tongues is the most problematical of the gifts.

I’m not here to convince you either way. Having been a Pentecostal pastor for over 20 years and then deciding not to be a part of the Pentecostal church anymore, I can argue for both side of the streets it’s a choice you have to make yourself. Because the tongue is according to the Apostle James, “the most unruly member of our body” there tends to be a lot of abuse and scriptural errors in the Pentecostal camp. However saying that, the Pentecostal church reaches to the emotional nature of a person (in a good sense) in ways the mainline denominations can’t or won’t.


The person who is seeking a gift or gifts must pray to the Giver in faith, believing. First we receive the Giver, and then it follows that we should be able to openly receive gifts. We pray that each believer will use the gifts in love to benefit the body of Christ. Having given the person gifts, God will then put him in a place of service where he can use them, of that we can be assured from Scripture.

In seeking spiritual gifts do not lose sight of the other components of the Gospel; fellowship, community, social justice, equality, fairness, evangelism and generosity with what God has given you, as a steward to share your blessings with others.  At the risk of over simplification there is the outer person and the inner person, the lives of both should match in how we are viewed by members of our church and society. There should be no “secret lives” what you see is what you get is not a bad motto. Our lives should be simple; God manifested in all we do and say.

The object of faith is always God, not gifts, or talent or prosperity, but God. Love the Word of God more than any other book, make that the main epistle of your life, value what the Scripture says over any other source of truth.

God bless and send prayer requests, questions and comments to


We have reached over 4000 people through this online outreach and are still amazed at the blessings. I’ve lost count of how many bibles and books we’ve given away and now we have been blessed to give away our first computer with tons of bible software, I look forward to doing much more.

Peace and blessings to our prayer partners and those that have been so encouraging, especially the Three Amigo’s

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