March 2, 2015

praying mom

In a religious philosophical sense I would label myself either as a Christian Mystic or a Christian Contemplative. According to Thomas Merton the former would be difficult, the latter more possible.




Let me explain, if you’re not into philosophical affective theological positioning they are rather odd statements. In the most simple of explanations let me explain; I do not attend or participate in a Liturgical Church or in Liturgical services. We do not celebrate or acknowledge a religious calendar, such as Lent, or Ash Wednesday, or the day of Pentecost, only Easter and Christmas.



We take communion but not the Eucharist, it is done as memorial of Christ and not any way or form of Transubstantiation nor is it a Sacramental right. We practice a closed communion, you have to be a member of that church to take communion.



There is no Prayer book nor Liturgical prayers.

So what is there, there is a fervent and passionate belief that the Pastor has touched the throne of God in preparation for the Sermon; and as in Isaiah is bringing a hot coal from the Altar of God to touch our lips that we may speak to a Holy God and each other in a sense of blessing and forgiveness and healing.



That the Word of God is divine, infallible and inerrant and that Holy Word will light again the divine flame that God has placed in the heart of every believer and that the Blessed Word will burn away the dross of sin and lapses in our behavior and spiritual walk. That it will take away the carnality, pettiness, and strife and unbelief that can all to quickly fill our hearts.



That our gathering together will be a commitment to be aware of our communal worship and fellowship and the need to bless and challenge each other to be more aware of the true nature of the body of Christ and that His love encompasses us, heals and restores us. That our worship and preaching will bring us back to the embrace of God, renewed, restored and resembling more of a Christ like spirit.




That this time spent together in His Word will fill us with more of His Essence and less of our own vanity and pride and self-serving. That as Thomas Kempis emphasized our Interior man will be blessed and spiritually strengthened.



That the noise of living in the world will be quieted and we will hear from God, enter into the true sanctuary and for a moment be filled with the wonder of His love and be reminded that we are called by God to be more than passing through life untouched by the needs of others.



 So what do you know you’re a mystic too.



How deep, how wonderful the unsearchable richness of Christ.



God bless from

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