I’m blushing

March 8, 2015


Imagine being a Pastor and you spend your entire ministry writing letters to all the people you know. Imagine this same Pastor who loves Jesus so much that he feels compelled speak of wanting to kiss him, hold him, caress him, drink him in. this Pastor’s letters were considered so racy that during the Victorian Era it was recommended that you should be a mature adult and not given to eroticism because the letters were considered so “saucy.”




This same Pastor thought that the best book of the Bible to read during your darkest period of time, your most extreme trial of your soul is The Song of Songs, or what most people call the Songs of Solomon.



Welcome to knowing the great Puritan Writer (although he lived in Scotland, unlike most well-known Puritan writers) the Reverend Samuel Rutherford.



“Why should I start at the plough of my Lord that makes deep furrows on my soul? I know that He is no idle Husbandman; He purposes a crop. “

According to Rutherford, God indeed plans for us to bring forth a harvest and to do so we will be cut deep by the plough so glory comes to God.



The great preacher Charles Spurgeon said that the greatest thing ever written by a mere man was “The Letters” of Rev. Rutherford. Indeed high praise.

One of two Puritan Pastors that were credited with developing the “Theology of Affection;” praise and love so great for Christ that it was said his “letters” would make your blood pound in your head with the love of Christ.



“I have been helped … by praying for others; for by making an errand to God for them, I have gotten something for myself.” He was greatly known for his prayers that he wrote in each letter, prayers that Calvin and even John Wesley (no fan of Rutherford) said were sprinkled with most loving language found in human tongue.



Alas, it is almost impossible to read his original writings, between his Scottish colloquialisms and terminology unique to that time period it is slow going to read his over 360 plus letters. The author A.A. Bonar considered the most knowledgeable about Rutherford actually included a dictionary in the back of his book on “The Letters”.



It’s better to read biographies about him and get the gleanings.



Well, Puritan authors, my favorite subject, so forgive me for this indulgence. But let me put forth this proposition, the next tragedy, trial, temptation, read the Song of Solomon, especially in a version of the bible that says who is speaking, much like a play and pay particular attention to the statements of love, and then make the “Theology  Affection” alive in your own life.

 There is a web site that gives the “modern” version of some of his letters




God bless from scumlikeuschurch@gmail.com

2 Responses to “I’m blushing”

  1. I love Song of Solomon! What you have written today has encouraged me, as I am currently going through a transition phase in the ministry sense. For so long I have been “out there” doing ministry, whereas the Lord made me to be on my own, writing! So this post speaks volumes to me! 🙂

  2. Glad to be an encourager, i have friend that calls me every week just to tell me to be encouraged, he’s been doing this for over 20 years. what a blessing, We will be praying for this new transition

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