Part two, really blessed

March 10, 2015


On the subject of assurance of salvation, R. C. Sproul (Essential Truths of the Christian Faith[Tyndale], pp. 201-202) points out four possibilities. First, there are those who are unsaved and they know that they are unsaved. They don’t make any claim of salvation. Second, there are people who are saved but do not know they are saved. They doubt their salvation, perhaps due to a troubled conscience. Third, there are people who are saved and know that they are saved. Fourth, there are those who are not saved but confidently believe that they are saved. They have false assurance.




At the constant risk of over simplification, assurance boils down to three things; 1: Position;  if we know our true standing in Christ, Justified, Sanctified, and Saved, we are given assurance by our Position/standing in Christ.



2; Practice, we are to practice Assurance just as we are to practice putting on the Armour of God. There is a “human” side to Assurance, we must ponder, dwell, meditate and be habitual in growing into our Assurance. Even when our heart says otherwise our minds need to bring forth the Scriptures that give us Assurance. And when our head/mind is messed up with guilt or doubt we have to practice letting our hearts speak to our minds about our feelings of Assurance.


  1. Participation, this is our personal odyssey or journey, nature versus nurture, if we have good relations with others, good self esteem (well balanced) haven’t been to damaged by trauma, we can find ourselves participating in a healthy personal assurance that we are loved and kept by God.

We can have confidence, security, a certainty of our destiny.


Blessed Assurance


In the New Testament, assurance rests on three pillars.

First, have you abandoned all trust in your own good works so that you’re trusting in Christ alone for right standing before God? If you answer yes, then the question arises, “How do you know that your faith is genuine saving faith?”


That leads to the second pillar: If your faith is genuine, then you possess new life in Christ and that new life always manifests itself in changed thinking and behavior. There will be evidence in your life that God has changed your heart. You love God and desire to love Him more. You want to please Him by a life of obedience to His Word. You hunger to feed on His Word. You’re growing in godly character and behavior, as summed up by the fruit of the Spirit.


The third pillar is the inner witness of the Holy Spirit, who testifies that we are children of God (8:16).

Romans 8:16 The Spirit Himself testifies with our spirit that we are children of God, 17 and if children, heirs also, heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ, if indeed we suffer with Him so that we may also be glorified with Him.


God bless from


Pray for Laura Lee, 87 years old and has stage 4 cancer and is filled with the Joy of God, trusting and knowing her salvation and praising God for the life she has had.


Rosalie, had her first stroke today at age 44, pray for her recovery


Bob R. wants to kick his addiction to gambling and porn

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