Happy Birthday

March 16, 2015

the sky is the limit

Well my birthday is coming up soon and birthday and holiday cards are a big deal in my family. My daughter in law always hand makes the cards. We also have a tradition of writing over every square inch of the card including the back, we might white out parts and put in our own wording.


This time my wife feels she bought the perfect birthday card and maybe she is right. It goes like this.


To The Man I Married

Because you let me know you completely and because you are still a mystery.

Because you do not wish to change me, because you have changed me forever.

Because you see the good and true in me, because you forgive all else in me.

Because you are not who I expected to love, because you are just who I need to love.

Because you gave be beautiful yesterdays, because you promise me beautiful tomorrows….

Because you asked for my hand, because I gave you my heart.

I love you

Happy birthday.

So we both got teary eyed and knew that might be the best birthday card ever, and as usual I got my regular birthday cake, for over 40+ years, spice cake with peanut butter frosting, seriously you need to try it.

God bless from scumlikeuschurch@gmail.com

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