limited authority

March 17, 2015

thinking over feeling

We are pointing out the things of which Satan is capable and that he has done at one time or another as revealed in Scripture.


We have already seen that Satan is the opponent of God, which explains why all of his activity seeks to distort what God has made. Jesus makes this point in John 10:10: “The thief comes only to steal, and kill, and destroy; I came that they might have life, and might have it abundantly.” Jesus creates something, but Satan destroys it.



If God has given us a gift, Satan wants to steal it. God has given us life, but Satan wants to bring death. If God has built or created something, Satan wants to smash and destroy it. God gave Adam and Eve the gift of a beautiful life in Eden, but Satan said that God was still holding back something good. When the first couple fell for that lie, they lost the gift of Eden and were cast into a wilderness as a result.


Satan is like the malicious little child who breaks everything on which he can get his hands.


Satan wants to destroy and pervert our relationship with and worship of God by promoting idolatry and false religion. He does this by distorting who Jesus really is.

That’s why I have a stroke every time I hear one of our modern religious talking heads distorting who Christ is, or twisting the words of the bible, or worse, making that what they say actually trumps the bible.



Christ came to give life back to fallen man through salvation, as well as to instruct us how to live a lifestyle that is pleasing to God. Lead a life based on the bible, the whole bible, not just the parts we want, and we will have a life pleasing to God. Will we still have suffering, yes; but what happens to us in this life is secondary to the life we will have in heaven. Or believing that by leading a life thinking our good works will reward us is also wrong thinking.


We are told to pick up our cross and follow Jesus, the modern prosperity teachers of today seem to miss that point. The big lie; that you can make this the happiest day of your life is just that, a lie. The greatest day of our life is when we finally get to stand in the Presence of our Savior and God.


God has given to each person life, both physically and spiritually.  The idea that we can reach our full potential on this side of heaven is ludicrous. We are living in a fallen world, in a fallen body, still battling sin, Satan  roams around tempting and destroying and we fall for the same lie Adam and Eve fell for, God is holding something back, if we just name it and claim it, boost your faith, speak only positive words, we can learn the secret of success. Hooey, the only secret is the mystery of the Revelation of Christ, and how God wants to be our Father and learn to love Him and accept His love.



Satan also has an impact upon nations and human history. Daniel 10:13 records the incident of a heavenly struggle, lasting three weeks, between an elect angel and the “prince of the kingdom of Persia,” representing the demonic realm. It became necessary for the elect angel to gain the assistance of a higher-ranking angel, Michael, because he could not handle the prince of Persia alone. This event took place in relation to God’s revelation of His plan for Israel and the Gentile nations. Therefore, this angelic conflict affects the affairs of nations upon earth. (this is not a scripture verse to start believing in “territorial demons that geographical places need to be delivered”)

Look at the poorest nations, where life is cheap,  where every person has no value, no hope, there is one common denominator, Christ is not reigning as Lord of that nation, be afraid, very afraid as our very own nation is replacing Jesus with every form of selfishness, and idol worship. Where the average pastor spends less than 10 minutes per day reading his bible.

The devil came to steal, lie and kill, Jesus came to give, to love and make us alive in Him.

God bless from



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