March 20, 2015


The life of a believer is a life of victory and not of failure. But the very struggles which go on within his heart and mind, the fight that he finds it needful to fight daily, the watchful protectiveness which he is obliged to exercise over his inner man, the contest between the flesh and the spirit, the inward “groanings” which no one knows but he who has experienced them—all, all testify to the same great truth, all show the enormous power and vitality of sin.

Mighty indeed must that foe be who even when crucified is still alive! Happy is that believer who understands it and, while he rejoices in Christ Jesus, has no confidence in the flesh and, while he says, “Thanks be unto God who giveth us the victory,” never forgets to watch and pray lest he fall into temptation!



Although some days it seems like three steps forward and two back, (sometimes four) the believer must constantly do battle against this relentless foe. It is sometimes so subtle a force we may not recognize its insidious roots within us.



Lest we also forget how perfect and holy God is and how hideous sin is to Him, that He even casts out angels for their folly. God who requires truth in our inward being. We must ever be in balance for believing the marvelous grace given unto us and the ever standing need for vigilance that a careless heart could cause great harm.


Rest, peace, vigilance, Amazing Grace, more than just a song.


God bless from


Pray for Angela that complications regarding her unborn child will not her or the baby to come to harm.

Pray for Olivia’s continued recovery

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