teeter-totter principle

March 26, 2015


We must beware of the subtle danger of thinking that spirituality completes the requirements of Christ. To fall into such a trap—the trap of the Pharisees—is to substitute liturgical or ritualistic practices for authentic righteousness. By all means we are to pray and to study the Bible, and to bear witness in evangelism. However, we must never, at any point in our lives, rest from our pursuit of righteousness.


What a contradiction, we are complete in Christ, yet never whole, while on this side of the mortal veil.


We become righteous in the sight of God by means of the cloak of Christ’s righteousness. However, as soon as we are justified, our lives must give evidence of the personal righteousness that flows out of our justification.



We must lead “right” lives.



True righteousness must never be confused with self-righteousness. Since our righteousness proceeds from our justification, which is based on the righteousness of Christ alone, we must never be deluded into thinking that our works of righteousness have any merit of their own.



It’s the “teeter-totter” principle, or simple known as right balance. The balance of understanding, knowing what God has done for us and to us; and still knowing what we must do to be authentic believers.



And now for our dirty word of the day; “morality” it’s not private, it’s pervasive; God expects to live through our lives and biblical morality is to pervade every part of the fabric of our lives. God does not live in a box, neither is He homeless. He lives in you and you can’t exclude Him from parts of your life. He’s in your bedroom when you have sex, is it biblical sex, there’s a thought not to many people have. He’s in your car driving down the freeway, God doesn’t have a middle finger (please don’t write me on that it’s a metaphor).

You get the idea.


As an old hippie, “God is everywhere, dude” let’s take that literally, He should be in our schools, separation of God (church) and government (state), it’s not in the constitution. That’s a shocker to most people, it’s another lie cooked up by the ungodly to separate a nation from the covering and blessing of God.



Individuals frequently become irate when called to moral accountability. They often declare that the church has no right to intrude into their private lives.

If you believe in anarchy, raise your hand; if you think you can drive your car and ignore laws, raise your hands. Morality governs all we do, thus the reason God calls us to lead a life of righteousness. Only when He is allowed to set our moral compass will we become content and stop striving against His spirit and know peace.

The secret to world peace is moral harmony to God.



Well I’m not running for any political office, so we will stop there.



God bless from scumlikeuschurch@gmail.com


Continue to pray for Kim in her continued battle against cancer


For Reagan as she struggles with being in college and out of the home for the first time.


For Sarah who is about to get married


And for Tim, who is going to prison tomorrow, he has a wife and two little children. 5 year sentence.


For Nathan who has been moved to federal prison, a boy I watched grow up in church, now doing 27 years, a wife and 6 kids.


Please remember Virginia M. who has been a faithful prayer warrior to our ministry for 27 years and is now bed ridden and suffering greatly in pain.

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