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April 11, 2015

praying mom

Knowledge and truth remain abstract unless we commune with God in prayer. The Holy Spirit teaches, inspires, and illumines God’s Word to us. He mediates the Word of God and assists us in responding to the Father in prayer.


Simply put, prayer has a vital place in the life of the Christian. One might pray and not be a Christian, but one cannot be a Christian and not pray. Romans 8:15 tells us that the spiritual adoption that has made us sons of God causes us to cry out in verbal expressions: “Abba! Father!” Prayer is to the Christian what breath is to life, yet no duty of the Christian is so neglected.



Guilt will never properly motivate, you will never have a prayer life if someone made you feel guilty about the lack of prayer in your life. I think we short change ourselves because we fall into a trap of comparing our spiritual life to someone we’ve read about or hear about. Everyone’s measure of faith is different, thus everyone’s prayer life will be different.



As the Bible says there are seasons and times in our life, so there will be seasons and times of varying degrees of prayer.



Prayer, at least private prayer, is difficult to do out of a false motive. One can preach out of a false motive, as do the false prophets. One can be involved in Christian activities out of false motives. Many of the externals of religion can be done from false motives. However, it is highly unlikely that anyone would commune with God out of some improper motive.



We are invited, even commanded, to pray. Prayer is both a privilege and a duty, and any duty can become laborious. Prayer, like any means of growth for the Christian, requires work. In a sense, prayer is unnatural to us. Though we were created for fellowship and communion with God, the effects of the fall have left most of us lazy and indifferent toward something as important as prayer. Rebirth quickens a new desire for communion with God, but sin resists the Spirit.



The common term of “walking in the spirit” is in reality a great concept on paper, but putting it into practice, day after day is the most difficult lifestyle choice you will ever make.  But it is a choice, even if you have failed to develop the habit of prayer and bible reading it is never to late. You can listen to the bible in an app, you can practice short prayers, set your phone to ring every two hours and pray for 15 seconds, pray without a formula, or pray by rote, just pray.  Pray for one person twice a day, pray for a different country once a day. As Oral Roberts used to say; “expect a miracle.”


God bless from

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