don’t look under your bed

May 10, 2015



It is true that all unsaved people are being blinded by Satan (2 Cor. 4:4), Scripture contains no example or command urging us to pray away demons or to bind demons before there can be a gospel impact. In fact, every believer in human history, including the Pharisee Saul of Tarsus, was initially blinded by Satan until they responded to the truth of the gospel.


Besides blinding people to the gospel, Satan and his demons may also inflict physical disease and even death upon people. This fact is illustrated in the first two chapters of Job, where the Lord gives Satan permission to harm Job with physical sickness and then to kill his children. Some of the physical diseases listed in the Bible that might have a demonic source include epilepsy (Matt. 17:15–18), dumbness (Matt. 9:33), blindness (Matt. 12:22), deafness (Mark 9:25), and physical deformity (Luke 13:11, 16).

Although disease might have some demonic source, however, Satan still must work in and through the biological laws that God created. These maladies are not mystical diseases that befuddle physicians and are cast away by magical incantations as in paganism. A disease caused by Satan would still have all of the pathology of a disease that is brought on naturally; the same cure that worked on the latter would work on the former.

Some mental disorders may also be induced by demons (Mark 5:4–5). Such bizarre behavior may include violence (Matt. 8:28), outbursts of abnormal strength (Mark 5:4)


I once saw a 100lb fourteen year old girl throw a 300lb man over 10 feet down a mental hospital hallway. Even under heavy sedation she would swear and scream horribly.


It is absolutely imperative to state that these conditions are not always caused by demons. Often, believers mired in the self-destructive emotional and mental consequences of their own bad decisions may become delusional, psychotic, and divorced from reality and may imitate many characteristics that are associated with demon possession. Especially if they are from a Pentecostal, charismatic background and their church is filled with such false doctrine.


Never does the Scripture authorize or even hint that believers should engage in identifying, rebuking, or attacking the demons. We are often to guilty of empowering satan and making our God less powerful with these false teachings about demons being everywhere and everything caused by the devil.

Having a proper understanding based on scripture is our goal.


Next time, why you shouldn’t look under your bed at night (not really)?


God bless from


P.S. yes I am saying formally that deliverance ministries are bunk. God delivers by his power and authority.

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