May 22, 2015



Fasting, like so many other things in Scripture, is a physical symbol of spiritual reality. The withholding of food from the body is of no spiritual value unless it is done deliberately when we desire nothing but to seek God.

Type of fast:

Absolute fast: no food or drink

Normal fast: limited time

Partial fast: limited diet


“I have esteemed the word of his mouth more than necessary food” (Job 23:12).


The Bible clearly states that one should fast, but a problem arises when we ask the question, “Why?” One’s motivation is extremely important (1 Cor. 4:5).

Jesus tells us that the hypocrites fast to show other people that they are fasting (Matt. 6:16). As Christians we are called to fast for spiritual purposes in secret (Matt. 6:18).

Fasting is a response to God – he speaks; we stop and give him our attention. Unless we are responding from the heart to a word from God, our fasting may be motivated by self-interest.

The motives for fasting are spoken of in Isaiah 58:6,7. The results of a chosen fast of God are shown in Isaiah 58:8. Principally the motives acceptable to God are those where one’s desire is to seek the Lord and intercede for a person or situation. The results are personally edifying as well as beneficial to whom or whatever the fast was for.

Pardon the pun, but this is just food for thought!

God bless from

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