My dirty little secret

May 29, 2015



Not really, but I’ve never told this to any one; I love to dance. When my wife and I were dating (two years) we went dancing every Friday and Saturday night. After we got married we would go dancing at the NCO club (military) or the USO.

Shortly afterwards we became Christians in a Pentecostal Holiness movement and dancing along with a host of other things were taboo.

Well I’m coming out of the closet and I’m telling you I love to dance. Three songs send me into a dance frenzy; Taylor Swift “shake it off” and then Meghan Trainor “I’ve got the bass” and then the queen of all dance songs Joss Stone “tell me about it”. Man o man I have to shake my groove thang, shimmie, boogie, shuck and jive, twist and shout, get down, go to funky town.

When I’m at a wedding (that I’m not officiating at) my kids beg my wife, “don’t let him dance in public, mom he goes nuts.” There is no solid evidence that Mark Twain ever said “dance like no one is watching” but hey I have that one down solid, like a brick house, like cheap sunglasses, it’s hammer time (oh no make me stop).

And with that we segue into our devotions;

Ecclesiastes 3 tells us, “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven … (v. 1)” including “a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance…. (v. 4)” However, this is what we would call descriptive, not prescriptive, language. In other words, these events and activities happen, but not necessarily all of them in like manner for all people. For one born mute, there might never be “a time to speak (v. 7)” and someone who’s suffered paralysis may never enjoy a dance. Even among “ordinary” people, the balance and distribution of these items varies. Teachers and students both may speak and “keep silence (v. 7)” — however, while learning may take place with both sides quiet, all speaking at once rarely advances education. Furthermore, some of these activities are specialized. One who farms (v. 2) may never engage in tailoring (v. 7) or vice versa. Regarding Jesus, some people of His day may have inferred that He danced from His words and some of His other activities. The marriage at Cana, the site of “the first of his signs, (John 2:11)” where He turned water to wine, likely included dancing as part of the festivities.

Dancing could have happened at some of the other celebrations Jesus attended — we just don’t know for sure.

But since his first miracle was at a wedding and his first miracle was to show us joy, and it was a tradition to dance, I personally believe Jesus danced.

Would I dance at church like I do at home, never going to happen. But I know God wants us to know joy, so shake your groove thang.

God bless from

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