one book, one word, one truth

June 27, 2015

the bible

Okay, this is going to be very controversial, but before you go nuts and start emailing me read it through very carefully, pray about it, read it again.

Remember one important thing, anecdotal, experiential is not comparable to the Word of God. So think about that when you read this and it will not only make sense but make the Christian Gospel even more wonderful in its scope and power.

On three occasions the apostles are said to have been involved in the casting out of demons (Acts 8:5–8; 16:16–18; 19:11–12). None of these passages involves a debate over whether those delivered were Christians; everyone would agree that they were not. The significance of these events is as signs that the apostles had the authority from their risen Head (Christ) to act and speak on His behalf, as was demonstrated by the fact that they had authority over Satan like their Master. Once the foundation of the church had been laid by the apostles (Eph. 2:20) and the boundary and nature of the gospel message was established, the norm for dealing with demon-possessed unbelievers had become the preaching of the gospel.

Upon belief in Christ as Savior, an unbeliever is delivered not only from his sin but also from any demon possession that might have afflicted him. So the proper biblical way to deliver an unbeliever from demons is to preach the gospel to him. It does not benefit the victim for someone to cast out demons (if possible) only to have him remain in his unsaved condition. Christ told the Pharisees in Matthew 12 that when the demon comes back to his old house and finds it swept and clean, he will go and get seven other demons, so that the state of the person will be worse than at the first. Any believer can deliver another person from demons by leading him to Christ. The Scriptures do not require a second step of deliverance for a believer that he may be freed from the demonic powers; Christ sweeps the house clean at the moment of salvation and the Holy Spirit fills it.

one of the reasons we balk against such teaching is it takes away from us the idea of our power or our authority, all power, authority, and credit goes to God.

It’s hard to go against the fantastic, the paranormal and all the talking religious heads on TV and the internet, they may sound profound, talk about many experiences they’ve supposedly had, but Scripture must still be our guide.

God bless from

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