The Natural

July 6, 2015

light vs darkness

Christianity says we were made in God’s image but fell into sin. Does not the fact that we all possess the innate ability for great good and great evil— that we each have a little Mother Theresa and a little Hitler within us— make this teaching both rational and self-evident? Christianity says Christ was the incarnate Son of God, 100% human and 100% divine. That may sound irrational, yet are we not ourselves incarnational beings (fully physical and fully spiritual), and does not marriage and sexuality represent an incarnational mingling of the two into one?


And as you all know I’m so fond of saying; “and there’s the rub”.


Our sexuality is tied to the biblical image of what God and His Holy Word says about sexuality, husband and wife equal a man and a woman. Attack sexuality, attack what the definition of what a family is and you are attacking God and the bible. That shouldn’t come as a surprise to us be we are basically stupid, short sighted and forget how militant our enemy is.


It was Adam and Eve in the garden, and not  Bob and Tim.


I have a simple solution that will shut down this entire argument, the church needs to stop doing weddings. Legally it is a civil service, you have to get a marriage license, stop doing weddings in the church and there is no more argument. The only people that have a real problem with that are Catholics.


A three legged stool can only stand with 3 legs, take away this argument from the gay community and their whole platform basically collapses. If the church has to give up its tax exempt status to win this argument there’s another leg of the gay platform cut off.


The church needs to start being tough and militant on its stance.


And for those of you that don’t believe the bible is the inspired, inerrant and infallible word of God, hey, biology ought to teach you a lesson, same sex couples can’t naturally reproduce, so guess what it’s not natural.


There’s a difference between equal rights and distorting the Constitution or nature.


I get pretty tired of Christians that won’t take a stance of the issue. If you are going to deny the truth of the bible then you simply are not a Christian, plain and simple, stop waffling.

God bless from




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