It’s in there

July 8, 2015

the bible



How then can we know God or His will for our lives? Only if He reveals Himself to us! Unless He Himself tells us, we can never know for sure the answers to those questions which matter most to us as human beings. At this point it is important to observe that the Bible presents itself to us as the written revelation of God. This purports to be a book in which God gives us the answers to the great questions which concern our soul, and which all the wisdom and science of man are powerless to solve with any degree of certainty.

The Bible asserts of itself that it is the special revelation from God; it must therefore be acknowledged as claiming to be the right kind of source from which to derive a trustworthy knowledge of religious truth. It comes to us with the claim that the words are from God Himself: “Thus saith the Lord.” If there be a God, and if He is concerned for our salvation, this is the only way (apart from direct revelation from God to each individual of each successive generation) that He could reliably impart this knowledge to us. It must be through a reliable written record such as the Bible purports to be.

I don’t want to appear sarcastic, but just in case you missed my point, we can only know the will of God as He reveals Himself in Scripture, know your bible, know God.

That is why as believers we must be students of the book, it should feed us, nourish us, calm and relieve us. There will be no disasters or mishaps that will catch us unawares if we are devouring the bible, because all that befalls mankind is revealed by the lives in the bible. So when calamities and misfortune or blessing and good news abound, we will see that others have set an example for us.

It’s in the book.

God bless from



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