July 13, 2015

ok , so I’m on my Ipad today, which i hate , so devotions are going to be really short, a; I don’t use my ipad enough to really know how to work it and b; wordpress doesn’t seem to like Ipad’s either.

Judo, having studied various martial arts through out my life, some main stream martial arts and some very few have heard about, probably anyone that has seen either the karate kid or any Bruce Lee movie knows this one rule, “use your opponets weight against them. you use their momentum or energy against them.

so biblical judo, use someone’s words against them when they are attacking your belief’s .

so I’m in this burger joint today eating lunch and as always i have my bible out and am reading it (remember i asked you to do this instead of your ipad or kindle, so people know your reading your bible, it freaks people out)

So this kid comes up to me, sits down at my table and because I have a bible out he says; “Dude,  I think Jesus sucks.” my reponse; “so you’re saying Jesus is gay?” Totally screws this guy up, “Why would you say such a thing, man.”

you started it i say, he quickly back pedals, “no man i dont think Jesus is gay, but why are you reading your bible in here. (now good geuss on my part) “let me take a stab at this, your parents were either pastors or missionaries and you resent the fact that they spent more time with others than with you, “they choose the ministry over you.’

you should have seen the look on his face, he eyes well up with tears, ‘how’d you know?”

“simple, displaced anger, no one shoulb be this upset about someone reading a bible in public, ergo, something has made you unreasonably angry.”

now i wish i could say that i got him to recommit to Christ or something else really great, but he walked out. But i have to believe that I got him thinking, and it is the Holy Spirit’s job to convict not mine, so who knows, but when you are accosted or confronted about your public display of being a Christian, don’t fall into the trap of trying to emotionally perusaude an angry person. deflect, use what they say to confound them.

God bless from

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