Normal, I hope it’s catching

July 15, 2015

thinking over feeling

In some churches today are those who maintain that the apostolic office has continued. Although it is beyond the scope of this devotional to go into a lengthy discussion of this matter, let us say that the Bible does not support this view. Apostles were men who had witnessed the Lord’s life and resurrection and had been directly commissioned by Him (Acts 1:21–22). This office was a foundational office and thus unique to the beginnings of the church (Eph. 2:20). Those who maintain the continuation of the office do so without scriptural basis. Because this gift/office has ceased, signs and wonders have also ceased, and with them the casting out of demons.

It always amazes me how easily people name themselves as an apostle or a bishop, heck there’s even a guy in Kansas that says he’s the real pope. What’s more amazing is how the common man in the pew accepts these labels. They’ll follow some smuck that gives himself a false title with not merit in the title, yet they also won’t follow basic biblical teaching. (Go figure).

Likewise the only command given to believers today for dealing with Satan is to resist the Devil. It is significant that this command is given three times in the New Testament (1 Peter 5:9; James 4:7; Eph. 6:13). The word translated resist means “to stand against” or “to oppose.” It is a compound of the Greek preposition anti, meaning “against,” and histemi, which means “to stand.” The word came to mean “to set oneself against, to oppose, to resist, to withstand.”

So as with titles and theology we have to make a choice, follow scripture or follow heretical teachings. I’ve never met someone in church that said they wanted to be a heretic or even a false prophet, yet we have more than our fair share of those always wanting more than what is given in scripture (think back to the Garden of Eden).

There’s a church in our town that has the ministerial office bestowed on “catchers” that’s right a special ministry as every Sunday evening that have a “be slain in the spirit night.” Resist or speak out against this ‘ministry’ and you will be asked to leave the church. No matter how much you point out to the pastor or deacons or lay people that there is no scriptural basis for this, they always say since it’s happening to good people it must be of the Lord or surely our pastor couldn’t be wrong (hello Jim Jones, can you say cult).

There’s nothing wrong with being a normal, bound by Word kind of Christian, I wish more people would try it.

Ordinary, normal Christians, what a concept.

God bless from

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