sewer mouth

July 28, 2015

sugar coating

The evangelical church is in a crisis today. Some see it as teetering on a precipice, its demise merely decades away unless severe counter-measures are taken. The overt pragmatism, separation of “religious truth” from “real truth,” and marginalization of the Lordship of Christ and the authority of scripture are a large part of the reason for this crisis. At bottom, the church has moved to the back of the intellectual bus by elevating personal experience as the ultimate measure of truth. All of this is playing into the hands of the god of this world. A growing number of evangelical (and even non-evangelical and non-Christian) voices are being raised against such cultural forces, asking us to return to a worldview that is more balanced. Too many Christians are either unaware of their assimiliation into culture or else do not have ready access to viewpoints that sufficiently counter it.

  1. C. Sproul: “We live in what may be the most anti-intellectual period in the history of Western civilization. . . . We must have passion—indeed hearts on fire for the things of God. But that passion must resist with intensity the anti-intellectual spirit of the world.”

1980 Gallup Poll on Religion: “We are having a revival of feelings but not of the knowledge of God. The church today is more guided by feelings than by convictions. We value enthusiasm more than informed commitment.”

 “The scandal of the evangelical mind is that there is not much of an evangelical mind” (p. 3). Mark Noll

Any attempted reconciliation between contemporary critical theory and biblical theology is radically misguided there is no dialogue possible between the liberal left and the strong conservative Christian right. Our only option is to stop being silent. The church has failed miserably at fulfilling the great commission and saving souls. We now only make excuses for our failures, we are still “equipping” or “I haven’t had enough training”

We know the name of every check out person at the grocery store, every barista at the coffee shop, everyone at the bus stop, but none of them know we are believers.

You must have a biblical opinion and speak out, even if crudely done. Bruce Jenner is still a man, still has testicles, the department of health is telling all child workers, no longer ask if someone has a girlfriend or boyfriend ask them if they are seeing someone because we don’t want to force them into a stereotypical dating relationship. NBC is going fine any talking head if they get it wrong on transgender identification.

What we are seeing is the gagging of America, the pressing grind of censorship, lewdness can fill our television but righteousness can’t pass our lips.

God is not silent and neither should we, protest filth.

God bless from

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