Love it

August 7, 2015

the bible

It is worthwhile to ponder the process of communication between God and humanity. To begin with, it is possible that a personal God could exist, and yet not communicate at all with humanity. In that case, we would find ourselves forced to agree with the deist, who holds that a personal God is out there somewhere but does not reveal Himself or intervene in human affairs (see 2 Pet. 3:4–7).

Secondly, we might conjecture as to other ways in which God could communicate with us. He could write signals in the sky, or speak so that all on earth could hear him physically. Of course, we do find in the Bible itself that He has spoken with an audible voice at times to individuals, as with Moses on Mt. Sinai. But although there are certainly many ways He could communicate to us, when we stop to think about it, a book is a very natural and effective instrument.



Hopefully if you follow this devotional site you to are a lover of books. Once having a library of almost 13,000 books I have given away all my books; now I find my library has secretly grown again to over 3000 books. My wife is constantly moving my books as where ever I set down I leave a book there and will be reading a dozen all at the same time. I keep two books in my car to read as I would rather pack a sandwich and read in the car than go into a restaurant. One in the garage while I sit there and watch the dogs eat (they are slow eaters).of course every bathroom as a book.



So God chose to speak to us through a book, after reading a bible for almost 50+ years it still amazes me I still say to myself “how have I missed that before”.



The Bible makes all other communication from God permanent. That really eliminates the need for prophets or televangelists.



So as we have said before “read it, love it, live it.



God bless from



Pray for Doug a non-believer, a real critic of the church, he’s battling cancer and seems to be even harder of heart.

For Kathryn, also a non-believer, who is a lawyer (do they even have souls?) but our paths keep crossing and I keep sharing.

For Patty who after 7 marriages finally found the best husband of all only to loose him today to cancer.

For Virginia W, who at 93 is beginning to give up and give in and says that death can’t be far off.

Please pray for these folks and know that your prayer request is always prayed for.

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