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August 8, 2015

full custody

Everyone engages in theology. Everyone has a theology. The word “theology” is derived from two Greek words, theos meaning “God,” and logos meaning “word” with extended meanings of “reasoning” or “logic.” Theology refers to “reasoning about God.” Everyone has some “reasoning about God,” including the atheist who rejects the “god” he has reasoned about.

   Christians should not be afraid of theology or have an aversion towards theology. Theology is not necessarily overly intellectual or “unspiritual.” Granted, there has been much theology that has been nothing more than academic exercises in “God-talk,” but this does not negate the legitimacy of genuine theological consideration which seeks Biblical documentation and spiritual understanding.

   In analyzing the theological systems that predominate today, it is important that we remain as objective as possible. We do not want to misrepresent what others believe. We do not want to set up “straw men,” which any wind-bag could blow down. We do not want to engage in ballistic brick-throwing and unloving polemics against Christian peoples who hold differing theological opinions.

   Genuine and sincere Bible-believing Christians subscribe to varying theological systems. Never do we want to “write someone off” and deny that they are our Christian brother or sister because they organize their “belief-system” differently that we do, provided they profess that Jesus is the Christ and have received Him by faith. Christian unity is not uniformity of thought or ideology. We seek a unity of love despite diversity of opinion, understanding, interpretation or theological explanation. Our unity is in Christ, not in theological constructions.

The apostle Paul said we are to make sure our weaker brother (younger in the Lord) not fall or stumble because of our behavior. The theology of someone who has been in church 40 years will be different (not necessarily better or more correct) than someone who has been in church only a year.

And to be all things to all men.

It’s like criticizing someone’s choice in the bible version they prefer to read, to each their own.

You know the old saying “you get more bees with honey than vinegar” we probably see more people get their feelings hurt if we were less critical.

When I ask people what they are looking for in a church friendliness is on the top of the list, isn’t that strange that people have to look for friendly churches.

So let’s practice being friendly, more caring, less critical.

One aspect that I see missing in many churches is breaking of bread together, inviting people not your family over for dinner. In our hurried society the worst thing that can happen to church and faith is that it is being privatized.

So my suggestion this week is invite someone you don’t know very well at church to come home for dinner.

Come and get it, (if you’re not a farm kid you may not even be aware of what that phrase means).

God bless from

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