Warning Adult Themed,

August 15, 2015


You might have what seem to be impossible sexual issues at this moment. You may not see any way out. But God says, “Look, you come to Me. I know the plans I have for you, plans for good and not for evil, to give you a hope and a future” (see Jer. 29: 11).



Okay, you may not believe this, but God has a plan for your sex life. I don’t care how screwed up you think things are God can and will still love and help you.

Forgiveness doesn’t wipe out Aids or STD, genital warts or love bugs that need a prescription. But he does forgive and he does help.



God wants to give you the best— intimacy with Him and healthy, vibrant sex within the bonds of marriage. Sexual immorality, whether it’s visual, mental, or physical, puts a barrier between you and God. It also puts a barrier between you and the you God intends you to be. And it puts a barrier between you and other people. God says, “I want to give you a spiritual reward. I want to give you emotional peace. I want to protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. I want to reward your life with the very best. I want to give you sexual fulfillment.”

If you are a young person on the verge of facing the world with all its temptations, God wants to keep you safe from the start.



It’s like booze or pot, don’t start and you don’t have to try stopping. And hey that big lie the guys always use; “if you love me you’ll do it” it’s still a lie, if you’re a guy don’t let your penis rule your world you will regret it.

Virginity is a gift don’t lose it, is contrary to TV there is no “re-virginizing”.



And all you Christians out there that are leading lives contrary to the bible, STOP.

Sex outside of marriage will never bless you, it will only separate you from being intimate with God.



Watch porn? STOP



Masturbating? STOP



When you’re all done ask yourself, “how’s that working for you?” that empty, dirty feeling. It really never goes away if you keep at it.



“How did the affair work out in terms of your finances?” “How did the affair work out for your kids?” “What is it like to log on and feel like you can’t wait to imagine sex with someone who isn’t real?” “How does it feel to have your life consumed by secrets and shame you are desperately trying to hide?” “What does it feel like to read romance novels and have such dreams and fantasies about people who don’t exist that you become so convinced you’re never going to find the perfect mate, so try another sex partner; “hows that working for you?”



God doesn’t want to control you he wants to love you and bless you and you love him back. But in spite of the sex crazed media, it will never fulfill you.



We all have things in our past we are not proud of. God wants to cover those things in His forgiveness. He wants to help you start doing some really good things the really right way.



Changing your life is hard, it’s not easy but get help, reach out to a pastor or counselor, you know that person you spy on because they seem so happy and love God, ask them for help.



Email us here at scumlikeuschurch@gmail.com for help, one bit of advice stay away from sex addict group therapy, there are to many predators out there using it to troll.


God bless, let God lead your life not your sex organs.

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