August 24, 2015


What do you think is more important; a theological framework to be able to discuss your cogent thoughts at Starbucks or controlling your zipper??

I’ll give you a clue, it starts with a Z


Doesn’t matter what your age, gender or sexual preference God tells everyone to control the zipper.

The pen might be mightier than the sword, but man oh man, a sex life out of control is disaster.


The moral crisis of contemporary society is a pointed reminder of the need for a new morality. Such a goal is not achieved by lowering former standards of morality to correspond to present behavior. Such a move is simply to condone immorality and to develop an amoral society. Rather, in harmony with the doctrine of the holiness of God, the goal should be realized of achieving in a new way a morality in keeping with the Scriptures and the character of God. The realization of such a goal is possible only by supernatural power such as is provided by the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit.


Here’s a good question for you, one I won’t answer in this devotion (not today)



What’s the difference between a godly person being moral and an atheist being moral?



The billboards read: “No God? No Problem. Be Good for Goodness’ Sake,” and “Are You Good without God? Millions Are.” The point is clear: Morality in no way depends on belief in God. And why should it?

So if I’m a Christian, what compelling argument is there for me to behave?



(again, more questions than answers, I don’t want to spoon feed anybody, think about this a bit). A decision you come to on your own will be more defensible than a decision you adopt.



Note, by the way, that objective morality is the issue here. Clearly, no God is necessary for the make-me-up morality of relativism. Universal moral obligations, however, require transcendent grounding. That’s the argument.



I am always surprised at the numbers of emails I get asking me questions about sex, as a culture we are obsessed with it. But when I get letters from 9 year old girls asking if it’s ok for them to have some form of sex (more on that later) I really question the moral fabric of our society.



When I do marriage seminars I put a box out on the first night telling people that they can drop in any question they want, and I always set the tone that I’m half crazy and definitely have stepped over the line somewhere in the seminar to let them know any question is alright, except for goats, chicken feathers and frogs, all the questions are the same.



See everybody is asking the same questions, the church is just to insecure and wrapped to tight to answer the questions. Well not here, I mean seriously, we are called scumlikeuschurch, you think we are normal?



So get ready this week as we step off the edge.



God bless from



And if you are a stuffed shirt, religious egg sucking legalistic, hypocritical, backstabbing, cheating, wrapped to tight turd, yes you can still voice your opinion, but you might not like my answer.

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