September 1, 2015


After talking to Ron today and hearing about his job loss I figured the following devotion would be appropriate.



We need to be sensitive to the trauma confronting an individual who has lost a job, who can’t find another, whose bills continue to mount, whose mortgage payments may be in default. Such people feel a loss of personal worth, discouragement, frustration, and even depression. A recent report from a reliable source quotes the following:



With every 1% rise in unemployment:

4.3 % more men and 2.3% more women are admitted to mental hospital for the first time;


4.1 % more people commit suicide;

4.7 % more people are murdered;

4 % more people end up in prisons;

1.9 % more people die of heart disease, cirrhosis of the liver, and other stress-related ailments;

Child abuse increases



Counseling someone who has lost there job

  1. Offer encouragement by telling the individual you are glad he called, that we care, and that you are happy to spend time with him to talk about the problem.

  2. Remind him that he is not alone, that many others are going through the same difficulty. Employment loss is not unusual.  In the light of this, he shouldn’t feel “singled out” or take personally his loss of employment.

  3. Tell the inquirer he shouldn’t feel any less worthy. There is no reason to lose self respect or to feel inadequate.

  4. Tell him to remain confident and not to panic because God knows, loves and cares. He must learn to trust Him.

  5. Encourage him to pray that God will help him to weather the financial strain, provide for the needs of his family, and open a new door of employment.

  6. Suggest that he share the problem with Christian friends who may also pray, and with a sympathetic pastor who may be able to offer help in seeking employment opportunities.

  7. Counsel the individual not to take out his frustrations on his spouse or children. They will stand by him in the emergency.  All are in it together, and the crisis can actually serve to strengthen family solidarity.  They should find it helpful to pray together as a family.

  8. Introduce the inquirer to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, if the conversation reveals that he does not know Him. Share your faith and knowledge of the Lord.

god bless from


2 Responses to “Help”

  1. Steve Lindner said

    Thank you for your prayers for Maureen !

    Steve and Maureen

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